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Paychecks and playchecks

Tom Hegna, CLU, ChFC 5.0

Hegna, New York Life vice president, explains that the financial services industry was built for helping people survive poor economic markets. He describes how products can provide clients with a guaranteed paycheck for life.


Working with middle-market millionaires

Gregory B. Gagne, ChFC 5.0

People with $1 million to $5 million in assets, which is a niche with a large supply of clients, often are not prepared for retirement. Gagne shares his secrets on how to work with that market. Presented at the 2016 ConneXion Zone at the Annual Meeting.

7 questions successful insurance professionals ask

Thomas William Deans, Ph.D. 0.0

During the next 20 years, North Americans will inherit more than USD 10 trillion. But storm clouds are building — with 125 million North American adults without a legal will, much of this wealth will transfer and unleash chaos and family disruption. Thought-provoking and contrarian, Deans offers advisors seven questions to help clients cast an eye forward to their own future as both beneficiaries and benefactors. Doing so, he unlocks the trusted advisor’s most powerful resource — the art of storytelling.

How to develop and manage a 401(k) practice and use your position to acquire high-net-worth clients

Richard John Cawthorne Jr. 0.0

Since Cawthorne started Alpha Pension Group more than a decade ago, the firm has maintained a client retention rate of 100 percent. Learn how the longtime MDRT member achieved consistently growing success by taking control of the 401(k) market, managing his own firm and using his position as a 401(k) expert to gain high-net-worth clients. He will also explain how he’s created a repeatable investment strategy for all clients, which has maximized his firm’s efficiency and allowed him to grow his client base exponentially each year.


Guaranteed sales

Russell Collins, Dip LI 0.0

Collins shares how he gets clients involved in discussions to develop a financial plan that works for them.

Diversified to the CORE: A better starting point

Craig L. Israelsen, Ph.D. 0.0

Using historical data covering a 45-year period, family resource management expert and author Dr. Israelsen examines the performance of various asset classes and portfolios during the build-up phase (prior to retirement) and the draw-down phase (post-retirement). Learn more about historical performance of key portfolio asset classes, strategic portfolio design and management.

Retirement preparedness

MDRT 0.0

Many Americans, even those considered financially successful, do not account for unexpected risks in their financial plans. See more insights from our recent study.

Retirement expense worksheet

Anthony G. Engrassia, LUTCF, ChFC 0.0

Sample retirement expense worksheet to use with clients

Retire-EASE: A process to ease clients into retirement

Briggs Matsko 0.0

Matsko demonstrates a uniquely defined process for guiding advisors and their clients through the income distribution phase of the retirement planning process called "EASE." The result of EASE instills a sense of confidence, defines economic freedoms and helps maintain financial independence and dignity throughout retirement.

The advisor's songbook

Matt Pais 0.0

Smith connects with clients by filtering retirement through the music of his youth.

Conquering retirement risks for clients

Adam Steven Blumberg, CFP, CLU 0.0

How to use a great MDRT concept and years of members' experience.

Boomer retirement tsunami: Windfall profits for MDRT members who catch the wave

James Ruth 0.0

The baby boomer generation will deliver "windfall profits" to members who successfully differentiate their retirement-planning practice. Ruth briefly discusses some of the demographics driving the opportunity and the common thread that virtually all boomers share.


How to opt out of the U.S. tax rate hike

Roger A. Seim, MSFS, CLU 0.0

This presentation demonstrates how an employer can optimize their tax-deductible contributions. 2014 ConneXion Zone

Retirement defined

Bryna A. Kanarek, CHFC, RICP 0.0

Open-ended questions help advisors craft a custom retirement plan.

Tackling tough topics

Matt Pais 0.0

How to bring up difficult points with clients during financial planning.


Defined benefit plans

Arun K. Misra, PhD 0.0

Misra provides tips on how to implement definied benefit plans with your clients, and explains the benefits of doing so.