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Keep it simple

George B. Sigurdson, BA, CLU 5.0

George Sigurdson shares how his critical illness payout saved his business while he underwent cancer treatment.

Life insurance for the long run

Sun Chan Hwang 0.0

Life insurance expert Hwang discusses life insurance in terms of understanding diversified clients' needs while introducing easy-to-implement and interesting sales strategies. Using vivid personal experiences that led him to MDRT membership, including a hiking trip he made through the Himalayan Mountains, he shares how to demystify life insurance for customers, focusing on its core values. His unique perspective introduces the topic of selling life insurance in a new light.

Sales secrets: How to sell less term and more perm

Jeffrey Ranz 0.0

Many Clients come into offices asking for term life insurance. Ranz points out that often it is due to a lack of knowledge about how term really works and the other choices and options available to them. Using his tips daily will have your clients asking for permanent insurance-the "when"-versus term insurance-the "if." Drive your sales by learning simple, client-friendly ways to illustrate universal life versus whole life, as well as mortgage life insurance.


Approaches to long-term care

Timothy Clairmont 0.0

Clairmont shares a unique presentation technique he uses with clients to get them to see the value of life insurance.

Insurance helps doctor after heart attack

Richard Jones 0.0

The true story of an advisor who helped his client just in time


Charitable tax planning is alive and well

Ronald D. Philgreen, CLU, ChFC 0.0

Philgreen discusses how effective charitable tax planning can be and shares some of his favorite case studies.

Client grateful for advisor's persistence

Dharmesh Goel 0.0

Life insurance helps young father and his family when he's diagnosed with cancer.

Life insurance helps uninsurable widow build legacy

Yuka Nakahara-Goven 0.0

A surviving spouse with multiple medical conditions uses life insurance proceeds to leave a legacy for her son.


How to make money… without selling: Inside high-performing offices

Eszylfie Taylor and Stephen Kagawa, FSS, LUTCF 5.0

How not selling products, putting clients’ needs first and listening without judging built successful practices for two Top of the Table qualifiers.


Expect the unexpected

Chad Michael Rogers, CLU 0.0

Rogers explains his process for selling disability insurance to a niche market.

Benefiting from living benefits

Matt Pais 0.0

Learn to simplify conversations with clients about disability insurance and critical illness coverage.


A lesson on life insurance

Kerry Therese Wallingford, CLU, ChFS 5.0

Wallingford shares some of her best tips for selling clients life insurance.

Top of the Table takeaways

MDRT 0.0

Brief ideas shared at the Top of the Table Annual Meeting on the topics of life insurance, emotional intelligence, marketing efforts, regulation and more.

Discussing living benefits with clients

Matt Pais 5.0

7 ways to open up the conversation about income replacement products.


Planning for yourself is planning for your family

David Appel, CLU, ChFC 0.0

David Appel, CLU, ChFC, was a successful, healthy producer in his early 30s. He was an MDRT member. Clients were flowing in the door. Everything was going according to plan... until it wasn't. <br> <br> Hear excerpts from his 2012 Annual Meeting presentation and thoughts from him today as he shares the challenges he faced, and how he learned that planning for yourself is square one. <br> <br> Subscribe to the MDRT Podcast through SoundCloud or iTunes.


Life insurance made easy

Susan M. Ellis, CFP 0.0

Ellis discusses working with her clients to develop easy insurance plans.