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Why attitude matters: One-minute inside a high-performing office

Stephen Kagawa, FSS, LUTCF 5.0

Skills can be learned, but behavior and attitudes are shaped over a lifetime. Those can't be changed. Focus on hiring for attitude.


How to add value to your business

Jedediah Harrison Levene, CFP, CLU; Marc Berube; James Alex; Sarah J. Kaelberer, CFP, ChFC 5.0

Ensure the long life of your business and the protection of your clients now, even if you're just entering the field. In MDRT's Podcast, Episode 3: "Adding Value," four MDRT members discuss how they add value to their business, and the steps you should take to do so as well. <br> <br> For more info on business continuation planning, please visit <a href=""></a> <br> <br> Featured in this episode are Jedediah Harrison Levene, CFP, CLU; Mark Berube; James Alex, and Sarah J. Kaelberer, CFP, ChFC. <br> <br> Subscribe to the MDRT Podcast through SoundCloud or iTunes. <br> <br> This example is for educational purposes only. Each professional should set his own terms and conditions of engagement with the client through the process of negotiation. <br> <br> The Million Dollar Round Table® (MDRT) does not guarantee the accuracy of tax and legal information and is not liable for errors or omissions. You are urged to check with tax and legal professionals in your state, province or country. The MDRT also suggests you consult local insurance and security regulations and compliance departments, pertaining to the use of any new sales material with clients. Copyright 2015 Million Dollar Round Table.


I'm not retiring

Malcolm Charles Baxter; Clay Gillespie, CFP, CIM; Leon L. Levy, CLU, RHU; John W. Homer, CLU, ChFC; D. Kyle Atkins, CLU, CFP; William J. Kanary 5.0

At the 2014 MDRT Top of the Table Annual Meeting, Leon L. Levy, CLU, RHU, told attendees he's not planning on retiring, ever. For many MDRT members, succession planning, retirement and similar phrases all carry with them such weight. It's not easy to leave behind a business you built. In this episode of the MDRT Podcast, hear three members like you discuss what’s on their mind as they try to ensure the life of their practice, offering tips for how to best navigate this process. <br> <br> Subscribe to the MDRT Podcast through SoundCloud or iTunes.

The actual secret to soft selling in a virtual world

Colin Parkin 0.0

Parkin discusses how to thrive in a virtual office environment running night school classes for clients, liability audit and company will. The seven-year Top of the Table member uses sales ideas built on the backs of these practices and provides ideas you can implement in your practice immediately, boosting your production level and making you more virtually savvy. Learn how to go from a basic to sophisticated investor in no time.


Setting standards

Derek Mills 5.0

Derek Mills began qualifying for MDRT and Top of the Table — and working less — when he set standards instead of goals.



Bruce W. Etherington, CLU, CH.F.C. 0.0

Bruce Etherington 提出了 12 P 理论,以期切实改善您的表现,包括前景提示、业务流程和参与百万圆桌会议事务。摘自 2016 年年会演讲。


It’s not about the money

Mary Fenwick 0.0

After her husband’s unexpected death, Mary Fenwick found that money was tied up with too much emotion. That was when her agent stepped up to help her and her family. Fenwick will share her story to illustrate why the role of an agent is not just about the transaction of selling a product, it’s about building a relationship over time. Selling a life insurance policy is one thing, but helping sort out the mess when there’s been an unexpected death is what is truly important. Fenwick is an advice columnist for Psychologies magazine, and she draws on her own experiences to help people acquire the skills needed to build enduring and genuine relationships.


Un unexpected journey

Adelia Chung, CLU, ChFC, and Spencer Dung 0.0

Adelia Chung has been in the financial services business for more than 30 years. She was the first female MDRT President, serving in 2005, and currently is a Top of the Table member. Her son, Spencer Dung, is following in her footsteps, albeit along his own path. He attended the University of California, San Diego, where he received his bachelor’s in economics, and is currently an assistant vice president of Foresters Financial. This dynamic mother-son team has an amazing amount of applicable information to share. They will show you that while times have changed, the fundamentals of the business have remained the same, and there really are basic transferrable principles for success.

Service is the winner

YunYan Ye 0.0

How can you do better than your competitors? MDRT member Ye Yun Yan will tell you about the five values of service that will help you win and keep clients. She will also discuss how to build trust through professionalism and why remembering small details count.


태도가 중요한 이유: 성과가 뛰어난 사무실에서의 1분 대담

Stephen Kagawa, FSS, LUTCF 0.0

스킬은 배울 수 있지만 행동과 태도는 평생에 걸쳐 만들어지므로 바꿀 수 없습니다. 따라서 성공에 알맞은 태도를 가진 사람들과 함께 일하는 데 초점을 맞추십시오.

Using annual review planning to solidify client relationships

Keith Gillies 5.0

Learn how to engage your clients by sending them checklists and a concerns sheet for their consideration as you set year-end appointments to review their insurance and financial strategies. Gillies explains how to familiarize yourself with key financial and tax return documents to discuss with your clients for an effective year-end review.


Desarrolle una clientela leal Dentro de las oficinas de alto desempeño

Brad Elman, CLU, CLTC 0.0

Cómo construir una práctica exitosa que usted ame, sin perseguir el negocio, especializándose y creando clientes leales. Gestión de la práctica Servicio al cliente

Can a robot do your job?

Liz DeCarlo 5.0

More than $20 billion in global assets are expected to be under management of robo-advisor services. What does that mean for your practice and what can you do about it?



Brad Elman, CLU, CLTC 0.0



Build trust by doing things your own way

MDRT 0.0

Do you establish trust with clients by talking or listening? Meeting with them at the office or out to lunch? In this episode, MDRT members recognize that advisors have many different styles, and people only trust you if you’re doing something that’s authentic.<br> <br> You’ll hear from:<br><br> Maryam Saber Ghafouri <br> Jake S. Ng, ChFC, CLU<br> Zoe B. Ng.<br><br> If you'd like to subscribe, find us on iTunes at MDRT Podcast.

Desarrolla una Firma con Base en Lista de Espera

Tracey Karen Diana Devonport 0.0

Tracey Devonport comparte cómo ha desarrollado su negocio con una lista de espera para nuevos clientes. Tu experiencia, comunicación con personal y clientes forman el ambiente en tu negocio y la experiencia de clase mundial para tus clientes. Presentado en la Reunión Anual MDRT 2016.