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The problem page

Mary Fenwick 5.0

Mary Fenwick came to her role as an “agony aunt” through an unusual route. She first trained as a business coach, supervised by a Harvard professor of psychology. Her interest was in how people do their best work and how they manage themselves. This is an opportunity for attendees to ask questions about whatever is holding them back — whether it’s a relationship with a business partner, an inability to say no to demands, anxiety over a teenage child or a fear of being “found out.” Learn new approaches to handling issues that arise in your personal and professional life.


A tale of 2 brains

Mark Gungor 0.0

After years of conducting seminars and working with couples, Gungor has diagnosed the underlying cause of much discord: distinct brain characteristics. Listen, laugh and learn about how male and female brains work and how these differences often lead to misunderstandings.


Classically trained

D. Scott Brennan 0.0

2012 MDRT First Vice President Brennan explains how his MDRT membership made him the person he is today. Brennan relates how his father's membership in MDRT set him on his path towards his own membership and how learning to sell life insurance is like learning how to master an art.

성공의 문을 여는 열쇠 - 동기부여

윤진호 (Jin-ho, Yoon) 0.0

KBS 공채 탤런트는 어떻게 MDRT 종신회원이 되었을까? KDB생명의 윤진호 재무설계사는 새로운 직업에서 최고의 실적을 올리고, 삶의 의미까지 발견했다. 그를 현재까지 이끌어준 동기부여는 무엇이었으며, 현재의 그는 어떤 동기부여에 의해 앞으로 나아가는지 알아본다.


角 昌夫 氏 (Mr. Sumi) 0.0



Setting standards

Derek Mills 5.0

Derek Mills began qualifying for MDRT and Top of the Table — and working less — when he set standards instead of goals.


How to get through tough times: MDRT Past President series

Jack B. Turner, CLU, ChFC 5.0

Thrive despite difficulties. Advice on how to conquer adversity, from 1983 MDRT President Jack Turner.

Making the numbers

James D. Pittman, CLU, CFP 0.0

No matter how well you're doing in your career, tracking your daily activity can help you do better.


The inspirational tipping point

Simon Reilly 0.0

Reilly asks members what some of their biggest concerns are and encourages them to believe in themselves.


The 5 keys to ultimate health

Dr. Ross Walker 0.0

Achieving ultimate health is a dream for many. However, the solution for health issues cannot and should not be found in a pill. There are five key ingredients necessary for people to be the healthiest they can be. Dr. Ross Walker, cardiologist and author of seven bestselling books including “5 Stages of Health” and “Highway to Health,” will discuss how to achieve these five keys.


Tell your life where to go

Vicki Writer 0.0

Vicki Writer is an international speaker, author and coach in the areas of peak performance and sales best practices, and she is passionate about the development of human potential. Writer believes everyone has a significant amount of untapped potential within themselves. To flourish in life, we need to find ways to tap this potential and achieve our goals. Writer is well-known for assisting organizations in the area of sales and business growth. She is the founder of The 360° Solution, a leading authority in financial services, and is considered one of Australia’s best referral coaches.

Legends and legacies

D. Scott Brennan; Walton W. Rogers, CLU, ChFC; Philip E. Harriman, CLU, ChFC (moderator) 0.0

Is it possible for different approaches to bring success, wonderful opportunities and inspiration to our colleagues and families? This learning experience focuses on two different visions brought to you in frank discussion from two legendary MDRT mentors. Hear Past MDRT Presidents Brennan and Rogers describe proven strategies for success in life and business with different paths to stardom, including ideas you can put to work in your practice today to lead confidently and leave a lasting legacy.


The power of giving

Wintley Phipps 0.0

Wintley Phipps talks about the power of giving in the Big Ideas Theater.


Motivation and inspiration

Bertram Foster 0.0

Foster recommends some of his favorite resources.


Emotionally connected, are you?

Duncan Robinson 5.0

Robinson stresses how MDRT members need to emotionally connect with their clients to achieve greater results.


What would you do over in your career?

Van Mueller, LUTCF, and Philip E. Harriman, CLU, ChFC 5.0

How serving clients led to lasting success for multiple Top of the Table qualifier Van Mueller, from the 2014 Top of the Table Annual Meeting.