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Classically trained

D. Scott Brennan 0.0

2012 MDRT First Vice President Brennan explains how his MDRT membership made him the person he is today. Brennan relates how his father's membership in MDRT set him on his path towards his own membership and how learning to sell life insurance is like learning how to master an art.


How to get through tough times: MDRT Past President series

Jack B. Turner, CLU, ChFC 5.0

Thrive despite difficulties. Advice on how to conquer adversity, from 1983 MDRT President Jack Turner.

Making the numbers

James D. Pittman, CLU, CFP 0.0

No matter how well you're doing in your career, tracking your daily activity can help you do better.

Return engagement

Matt Pais 0.0

You can requalify, even after a tough year. Members tell you how.

Legends and legacies

D. Scott Brennan; Walton W. Rogers, CLU, ChFC; Philip E. Harriman, CLU, ChFC (moderator) 0.0

Is it possible for different approaches to bring success, wonderful opportunities and inspiration to our colleagues and families? This learning experience focuses on two different visions brought to you in frank discussion from two legendary MDRT mentors. Hear Past MDRT Presidents Brennan and Rogers describe proven strategies for success in life and business with different paths to stardom, including ideas you can put to work in your practice today to lead confidently and leave a lasting legacy.


The thread that never breaks

Mark J. Hanna, CLU, ChFC 5.0

MDRT President Mark Hanna reflects on a life and career of connections and love. MDRT members stand together, he said, with a shared purpose and shared values. Presented at the 2016 Annual Meeting.


Emotionally connected, are you?

Duncan Robinson 5.0

Robinson stresses how MDRT members need to emotionally connect with their clients to achieve greater results.


What would you do over in your career?

Van Mueller, LUTCF, and Philip E. Harriman, CLU, ChFC 5.0

How serving clients led to lasting success for multiple Top of the Table qualifier Van Mueller, from the 2014 Top of the Table Annual Meeting.

Built on values

Kathryn Furtaw Keuneke, CAE 0.0

MDRT President Brian Heckert's steady, principled approach to building success will sustain MDRT's relevance.

A confident leader

Kathryn Furtaw Keuneke, CAE 0.0

Executive Committee Nominee Pittman’s long tenure in the profession provides him with a solid foundation to take MDRT into the future.


Reaching for the heights

Ivonne Sabrina 5.0

Sabrina shares five core values that helped her qualify for Court of the Table after only two years in the business.


Idea exchange

Michael J. McNeil, CLU, ChFC 5.0

Get ideas from MDRT members that increased productivity and generated professional and personal improvement.


A journey worth taking

Regina Bedoya, CLU, ChFC 0.0

Looking back on a rewarding career and an unforgettable first Annual Meeting, Executive Committee Nominee Regina Bedoya talks about her MDRT journey worth taking. Presented at the 2016 Annual Meeting.


Add another zero

Brian D. Heckert, CLU, ChFC 5.0

Our success is not measured in commissions, income or fees. It is measured in benefit checks delivered to our clients when it is most needed, 2016 MDRT President Brian Heckert said as he looked back on how MDRT helped him in business and life. Presented at the 2016 Annual Meeting.


The pilot

Caroline A. Banks, APFS 5.0

2014-15 MDRT President, Caroline Banks, explains the leadership role of financial advisors on their clients' financial journeys.


How MDRT mentors changed my life

Elaine Milne, Dip PFS 5.0

When you've lost your career, finances and confidence, mentors can put you back on the path to success. Elaine Milne shares her story and encourages others to enrich their lives by becoming a mentor or a mentee.